icra iflas piled book

FAMILY LAW including

  • Divorce pursuant to the Canadian Federal Divorce Act
  • All family law issues under the British Columbia Family Law act
  • Common-law separation
  • Safety issues including protection orders
  • Division of Assets & Debts
  • Alimony – Spousal Support
  • Guardianship of Children
  • Parenting Responsibilities
  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Safety issues including Family Violence
  • Ministry Child Protection CFCSA section 13 Matters

ESTATE LAW including

  • Pre-Death planning needs including Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement and Health Directive
  • Post-Death planning needs including your Last Will & Testament, and Trusts

BUSINESS LAW including

  • Business Advice
  • Organizing businesses including Proprietorship, Partnership and Incorporation
  • Annual corporate Minute Book maintenance including Director Resolutions
  • Contrct Drafting
  • Debt Collections
  • Foreign Workers


  • Skilled Workers
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Business Investors
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Refugees