At Sea to Sky Law, we understand that people will disagree.

We believe that our job, as lawyers, is to find the best way to resolve these disagreements for our clients. Since most disputes do not end up at trial, often a solution to a dispute can be found through negotiation and mediation. However, litigation – the court process – is usually required to get all parties to the negotiating table. Often the court process is required to force the required disclosure needed for a fair settlement to be negotiated.

If you are in a dispute, talk to us. Our lawyers are always happy to meet with you. We want to know what you’re dealing with, and what’s important to you. We can help advise you on your dispute, and work with you to develop a plan to get the best outcome for you. We’ll give you a frank and candid assessment of your situation and identify options for you to decide how best to move forward.

We have decades of successful experience with trusted legal solutions to help you with all kinds of court disputes, both business and personal, including:

  • Civil as well as Family Claims and Defences, at both the British Columbia Supreme Court and the Provincial Court,
  • Negotiation,
  • Mediation,
  • Chambers matters,
  • Appeals,
  • Collecting judgement,
  • Family Litigation,
  • Estates Litigation,
  • Real Estate Litigation

Sea to Sky Law provides trusted legal solutions for business and personal legal needs. If you have questions or concerns regarding your business, and would like some legal advice – contact us for a consultation.

We are committed to helping you obtain the best possible outcome. We strive to do this by providing you with clear and meaningful advice, skillful negotiation and, if necessary, zealous litigation.