As a law firm with decades of successful experience, we can help you with the legal needs of most families and businesses and their Estates.  Your first appointment should not be a short interview but a productive hour where we can discuss together a battle plan that addresses your needs, to resolve your legal issues as quickly as possible.  

Even if you are not certain of what or how you want to proceed or even if you will retain us, based on our experience the most productive step forward is to retain us for an hour to learn some objective advice and options for your consideration.

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"We must make the best of those ills which cannot be avoided." 

Clarence Day


Sea to Sky Law has achieved almost 30 years of successful experience helping over 2000 clients with their difficult legal issues.

  SKY LAW has worked hard to help people make a positive future from a negative present.

We have decades of successful experience helping spouses and parents work through the tough emotions and legal issues involved in a family separation.

The 2013 Family Law Act changed family law in British Columbia - see our Blog. We can help you too understand and secure your rights.

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Litigation is the court process to decide disputes.  Judges determine disputes based on the law both legislation and similar case law where prior case judgments are applied to provide consistent and predictable judicial decisions.

It takes work to properly prepare for court.  We recommend teamwork - we focus on the law while our client focuses on building a binder of notes and documents to prove all related facts to settle the dispute.

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Professional mediation is very effective for all kinds of problems both business and personal. Statistics prove that it is worth trying mediation for any problem.

A professional mediator is trained to identify what is agreed and to help the parties clarify and discuss what is in dispute. Almost always an agreement is achieved for at least some issue if not all.

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Estate Planning is done to rduce the stress and expense of your survivors. Estate Planning can include a Power of Attorney (POA), a Last Will & Testament, a Health Directive, a Nomination of Committee, a Representation Agreement and a Trust.

Please note that a "Will Speaks From Death" meaning it gives no power to the named Executor until after death - thus other estate planning documents are needed for all the possible incidents before death such as a POA.

Every family is unique thus the facts and options can be complicated which need explanation and discussion before you can make an informed decision thus we provide Estate Planning only on an hourly basis.

If you have simple needs then we can refer you to convenient service providers for set fee solutions.

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Estate Administration includes the identification and safeguarding of all estate assets and debts, the identification of the named and un-named beneficiaries, then the distribution of the net estate to the correct beneficiaries.

Even with a well written Last Will & Testament, let alone without a Will, estate administration can be stressful.

Further, estate administration can be complicated in this age of multiple spouses and step-children living in different parts of the country let alone different countries, each with its own legal jurisdiction.

We can answer your questions, reduce your stress and concerns, and help you complete all required tasks as quickly possible. The legal costs for all the estate administration legal tasks could be an all inclusive set fee as little as just 1% of the gross value of the estate but if any tasks are required not within our written retainer agreement including non-legal tasks or court disputes then those tasks will require hourly fees since the amount of time involved can vary.

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Often you have stressful estate related tasks which are required before as well as after death such as cleaning then selling real estate when a parent can no longer live alone eg needs assisted living.

Did you know that lawyers are also licenced to sell real estate - which means you get all the benefits and values of lawyer for the sale of your real estate often for no added cost - all included for the same standard MLS commission amount.

Further, often a homeowner has acquired decades of stuff which need to be sorted then disposed or stored.

Relatedly, preparing for the sale of real estate can also include "Staging".

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We can help with your business needs whether creating a corporation or other business structure, or helping you solve business disputes.

Tasks like an incorporation can be done for as little as $395 plus expenses and taxes.

More time consuming tasks like solving disputes is usually by an hour like most professional fees because the time required varies with the issues and people involved.

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A corporation can be immortal if the annual registry paperwork is done properly.  At least once a year every corporation must file a report to confirm the names if its Directors and address for service, etc.  

If the minimum registry paperwork is NOT done then the corporation will likely be struck (killed) by the Corporate Registry.  However we have helped a few clients by resurrecting their corporation with an application to the Supreme Court.

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Many disputes whether business or personal might be just misunderstandings about the material facts and or an misinterpretation of the law.  

Further, as humans we sometimes feel disrespected even if there has been no breach of a law.  But of course the feelings are still strong and important and need to be resolved.

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Service Prices

Unless the legal task has a straight forward process and does not involve a dispute, most legal fees are by the hour because the amount of time required to properly complete the task is affected by others eg the other party in litigation or even the court with procedural orders.  

Further, every estate and family is unique and it is the unique facts which can change the legal process and change the process and.  We can promise you that SEA TO SKY LAW will help you achieve the best result your circumstances determine.  

Further, whenever possible we will delegate tasks to staff or associates so that you pay our lowest hourly rates if a set fee is not appropriate.