Andrew Liggett

Andrew Liggett is the Firm Founder of Sea to Sky Law. Born in Port Alberni, raised in Richmond as the eldest of four children, son of a banker and nurse, and now a resident of the North Shore, Andrew is a long term Metro Vancouver resident.

Andrew joined the Military Police, Canadian Armed Forces Reserve in 1975, which gave him numerous opportunities to travel and work with many different people in and outside of Canada including in Germany with NATO. After a year of Criminology at Kwantlen college, Andrew volunteered to go to Cyprus as Military Police with the United Nations in 1980 for six months; in addition to numerous other military experiences.

After returning from Cyprus, Andrew became a Deputy Sheriff and returned to college two nights week and continued attending college another two nights week while working full time at the Vancouver Provincial Court on Main street for several years.

Andrew then returned to college full time then transferred to UBC to continue his studies now in International Relations. After meeting his wife to be in Mandarin class, Andrew transferred with her to the University of Victoria and spent a further year studying Mandarin and the Peoples Republic of China.

After being accepted by several law schools across Canada including Dalhousie, Andrew chose to stay in Victoria to attend law school. After completing law school, Andrew completed articles in Vancouver then immediately started his own firm in 1991.

In addition to almost 60 years of life experience and many years of post secondary education, and a beautiful daughter who is now helping to train horses and teach new riders in Calgary, Andrew now has over two decades of experience successfully helping numerous people from all walks of life throughout Metro Vancouver. Sea to Sky Law can help you in all British Columbia courts.

In 2014 the mission of the law firm Sea to Sky Law grew to be a multiple lawyer law firm offering trusted solutions for both business and personal legal services to the whole Metro and Beyond, from both its new Head Office in the centre of the Metro and multiple convenient meeting locations.