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Ask what you can do to help improve your own community.  Anything you contribute, even a little time let alone a little cash, improves your community for all - and you feel good!

An ounce of prevention is much cheaper than a pound of cure.  Knowledge is Power!  Pay for an hour of experience to learn your options and reduce bad choices, as well as save the expense of unnecessary delay.



In 2013, British Columbia family law changed with the replacement of the 30 year old Family Relations Act (FRA) by the modern Family Law Act (FLA).  We can help you understand how the FLA determines family legal issues like Parenting Responsibilities and the division of family assets and debts which are in Provincial jurisdiction.  The Federal Divorce Act still applies if a divorce is needed - stay tuned for changes to this Federal legislation.  The Support Guidelines, both Child and Spousal, must be used to determine support amounts.

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Estate Law can be more emotional than family law.  Legal tasks seem more confusing when it is a difficult time.  We can reduce your frustration, and give you confidence and peace of mind.

Sea to Sky Law has decades of experience helping families with estate-related needs both before death (Estate Planning) and after death (Estate Administration). Estate Administration tasks include the court probate of Wills as well as helping to resolve estate disputes with mediation or with a Will Variation application or simply to clarify the duties and timeline of the Executor tasks to ensure timely asset distribution.

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We can help you with business startup needs such as incorporations as well as with solving disputes.  Good decisions are made with prior good advice.  Incorporating your business is only one of the three basic business structures you can choose.  

Meet with an experienced lawyer before you make a decision. 

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Based on our decades of experience, we are strong supporters of the use of professional mediation for all kinds of disputes including business disputes and estate problems, not just family separations, so everyone can use their hard-earned money for future needs instead of litigation costs.

We can refer you a number of experienced mediators, and you can choose from the mediation roster =

Please note - a Mediator is neutral and does not give any legal advice even if a qualified lawyer.  Thus it is still very important to have your own independent legal advice before you attend mediation to understand your choices and especially the consequences of your choices.  

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Stacey M.

Andrew was a powerhouse for me and my case. I felt he genuinely cared about myself and my son. He was very supportive and always there for me. I appreciate everything he did for us and recommend him as a lawyer to anyone seeking family help. Much appreciated Andrew.

Natasha S.

Andrew and his staff were easy to work with and very attentive to my case! I can’t say enough great things about him :)

Bernice W. 

I would recommend this firm to anyone who is seeking for a friendly, personal and professional experience. 

Amanda at Create Your Future

Personable, friendly, sincere! Amazing Law office! I recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer! Very knowledgeable about family law, and very good at solving any dispute!

Kawika S.

Had a great experience working with Andrew and his team. They are extremely professional and conveniently located.

Sam M.

I need consultation and reffered to this firm by lawyer referral. I met Colin. He was very friendly , helpful and professional . If there is a need for lawyer I would recommend this firm base on my experience.

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