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Andrew was a powerhouse for me and my case. I felt he genuinely cared about myself and my son. He was very supportive and always there for me. I appreciate everything he did for us and recommend him as a lawyer to anyone seeking family help. Much appreciated Andrew. Wish you all the best. :)

Stacey M. via Google
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We understand the stress you have experienced, which has caused you to search for solutions, including affordable legal advice. We are here to help and support you with decades of successful experience we have gained from helping thousands of different clients with their different legal issues.

With over 30 years of experience helping clients in Metro Vancouver and beyond, we can help provide objectivity for your issue, as well as professional legal advice. Whether you have a Family Law concern, an Estate problem, or a business dispute, our team of experts is here to guide you through it. You have a choice to access our experience with either DIY COACHING or Traditional Full Representation.

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Family Law

At Sea to Sky Law, we have decades of successful experience helping thousands of different people with their Family Law legal issues. We appreciate that a Family Law concern can be an incredibly stressful time for the whole family — and we are here to help guide you each step of the way.

Family Law in British Columbia

In 2013, the Provincial family law in British Columbia was modernized when The Family Law Act (FLA) replaced the 1979 Family Relations Act. The many changes include the equal application of family law to common law, same-sex and married couples.

Family Law was also changed so that the focus is on the rights of children instead of parents. Now parents have parenting Courts in British Columbia that handle Family Law. For example, instead of words like custody which imply ownership of children and a contest of rights between the parents, now, parents have parenting responsibilities. Out-of-court solutions like mediation and counseling are also encouraged so that parenting agreements are made rather than court battles, where often the children lose as a result of the bitter family split.

Adult Legal Issues & Child Legal Issues

Generally, all the emotion and all the facts can be organized into two categories — the adult legal issues and the child legal issues.

The adult legal issues include safety, spousal support, and the division of assets and debts. Divorce is in Federal jurisdiction, not Provincial, so it is not part of the FLA. We can also help you apply for a divorce if needed.

The child legal issues include guardianship, parenting responsibilities, parenting time (or contact time if not a Guardian), and child support. With our decades of successful experience, we can also help you resolve your family law issues, usually by agreement instead of a court trial.

2021 Federal Divorce Act Update

In 2021 Family Law was again updated by the changes to the Federal Divorce Act which was also modernized to change the wording and focus onto children and parental responsibilities instead of the old focus on alleged rights of parents. The wording about children is now similar to the Provincial Family Law Act (FLA).

Courts in British Columbia Which Handle Family Law

There are two courts in British Columbia which handle family law: the Provincial Court, which can only apply the BC Family Law Act (FLA) because the Divorce Act is a Federal Act; and the Supreme Court, which can apply both Provincial and Federal law, and this court has the added scope of equitable jurisdiction meaning the judge has the discretion to apply equitable principals rather than be limited to what the legislation says. However, there are pros and cons to each of these courts. You need an experienced lawyer to advise you of the consequences of your choices BEFORE you choose:

BC Provincial Court webinars about new Provincial Court rules starting 17 MAY 2021

You're not in this alone.

Your team at Sea to Sky Law are here to help you and your family through these tough times.

I would recommend this firm to anyone who is seeking for a friendly, personal and professional experience. Colin managed to exceed my expectations with his realistic promises. He went above and beyond with my matter and brought my family back together. Forever thankful!

B W. via Google
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Business Law

In business, the old saying is often true — an ounce of prevention is much cheaper than the pound of cure.  We can help you save money with advice to reduce expensive legal disputes and affordable tasks like annual reports instead of expensive tasks like court applications to restore a corporation struck for failure to file its annual reports.

How We Can Help You

Generally, businesses are organized in three different forms — either:

  • a Proprietorship like a self-employed individual,
  • a Partnership when two or more people own a business, and
  • a Corporation that is recognized in law as a legal person separate from its shareholders.

Business legal needs include contracts with the different business relationships, including suppliers, employees, and other owners (e.g., a partnership or shareholders agreement). Every relationship has assumptions and expectations, and often disappointment in the relationship can arise when the spirit of the agreement, not just specific written terms, is breached. Having a written agreement to confirm assumptions and expectations can reduce disappointments and thus reduce expensive litigation.

Other legal needs include collections and defending against lawsuits and corporate needs like the required annual reports.

Here for help & advice.

Running a business is tough. Sea to Sky Law can help you navigate your Business legal needs.

Estate Law

Estate Law involves many different legal issues and tasks in the stages of our life. Generally, these different legal issues and tasks can be organized as Before Death and After Death. The first step is to make a plan, since failing to plan is planning to fail, as the saying goes.

At Sea to Sky Law, we have decades of experience helping clients with Estate Law, and our team are ready to help you whenever you are.

Before Death Needs

You will live many years and, like all of us, become older even if in good health. As any insurance agent can tell you, many different accidents, as well as illnesses, can happen to you; thus, it would be helpful for you to have someone legally appointed to make health or financial decisions for you, for both personal and business legal needs. For example, you might be out of town when your car insurance expires, so your brother you appointed with a Power of Attorney might be able to renew your car insurance for you. Or you are ill and cannot speak or make rational decisions for yourself, so your Representative can make health decisions for you in accordance with your wishes detailed in a Representation Agreement. The first step is to spend some time thinking about your concerns and objectives and possible what-Ifs by discussing everything with your lawyer to develop an Estate Plan:

  • Making an Estate Plan
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Directive
  • Nomination of Committee
  • Representation Agreement
  • Trust, Corporate and Joint tenancy options

After Death Needs

The primary document you need to have is, of course, a Last Will & Testament because all the other documents like a Power of Attorney (POA) expire upon your death. However, there might be other legal solutions to your testamentary objectives identified in your Estate Plan.

Here to navigate with you.

We're here to help every step of the way for your estate needs.

DIY Coaching & Traditional Full Representation

Most people understand a Traditional Full Representation where you retain an experienced lawyer like us to do everything needed to complete the legal task, similar to you giving your shoebox of documents to your accountant and paying the bill when your taxes are done.

What is Do It Yourself Coaching?

Do It Yourself Coaching is where you keep control of the process and cost to solve your legal needs, and you continue to represent yourself. An example might be you doing your own taxes, but since forms cannot talk, you pay your accountant for an hour of advice about a specific issue, e.g., home office or personal vehicle expenses, but you remain responsible for completing and filing your tax forms, etc. If you choose a DIY Consulting retainer, then you only ask us for occasional legal advice to help understand your litigation tasks or options or provide a second opinion or specific tasks like document drafting or mediation attendance, etc. DIY Coaching is also known as Unbundled or Limited Scope or Pro Se Assistance or Customized Client Services.

The primary difference between a DIY Coaching retainer where you represent yourself and a Traditional retainer where you are represented by a lawyer who then advises and manages the legal process is the liability for missing a litigation step – you alone are liable if you choose to do it yourself. A big benefit from a DIY Coaching retainer is not only your control over legal costs but also that you can access our experience from anywhere in British Columbia, even if it is not affordable for us to, e.g., attend court with you.

Mediation or Litigation?

There are two methods to resolving a dispute: mediation and litigation. It is important to note that these two methods can be and often are used together to resolve disputes both for business and personal legal issues. In either case and in any event, you need legal advice to know your choices and the consequences of your choices – you need your own lawyer for independent legal advice (ILA).

What is the difference?

MEDIATION is the process where a neutral professional mediator helps the parties understand and discuss the opposing views and possible compromises. The mediator makes no decision, so there is no risk that the dispute will be decided against you.

NOTE – a mediator cannot give legal advice; they are neutral and just facilitate the discussion between the opposing parties. Each party still needs a lawyer for independent legal advice (ILA) BEFORE and during mediation, not just after an agreement is made in principle because you cannot make an agreement unless you know your choices and consequences of each choice, and it is difficult to undo an agreement the other party thought was made. Retain us for either DIY Coaching or a traditional retainer BEFORE you start mediation, so you learn your choices and consequences and have some experienced advice and guidance to protect your best interests in making an agreement to reduce if not resolve the dispute, whether business or personal.

LITIGATION is the court process to resolve a dispute and the litigation process is where you are asking a Judge to make the decisions required to resolve the dispute(s) instead of settling the issues by making an agreement with the other party. Often Litigation must be started to force the other party to address the concerns and provide full disclosure so that the material facts can be confirmed. Mediation can then be used before the trial judge makes a decision, so you have an opportunity to make a favourable deal instead of risking a trial decision you do not like.

I needed help with a family matter, Andrew was incredible. Explained things clearly and concisely, made me aware of some issues that I had missed, saved me from a potentially costly mistake.

David f. via Google
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Serving You & Your Needs

Our journey has been interesting for many reasons, but best of all has been the many people we were able to meet and help.

The Growth Of Our Firm

Sea to Sky Law first established its Head Office on the North Shore in 1991. The Firm then expanded with branch offices into Howe Sound on Bowen Island and in Squamish to serve the Sea to Sky highway communities. Then, we went to Gibsons to serve the Sunshine Coast. Throughout the years, the Firm has had multiple offices to serve all the Metro communities, including an office on Sea Island near the South Airport and in Forest Grove in Burnaby near SFU, in Port Coquitlam, and in South Surrey.

Over the years, we have had the honour of working with a number of different lawyers, and the testimonials of their clients confirmed their hard work for their clients.

Now with its central Head Office in the middle of the Metro in the Royal City of New Westminster, only about 30 minutes from all the Metro communities, Sea to Sky Law continues to serve all of Metro Vancouver from Whiterock to Whistler, and even beyond, including as far east as Abbotsford, west to Sechelt, north to Pemberton and even on Vancouver Island as far as Courtenay as well as Victoria.

Meet Andrew

Our Founder is Andrew Liggett, who is now over 60 years of age, and he can give you advice based on decades of experience.

Before completing law school in 1990, our Founder Andrew first completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a specialty in International Relations, after completing a Diploma in general studies and a Certificate in Criminology.

In addition to many years of education, Andrew completed 17 years in the CAF(R) Military Police and several years as a Provincial Deputy Sheriff.

30 year anniversary plaque

Your Sea to Sky Legal Team

We can help wherever you live in beautiful British Columbia if you just want a second opinion or independent legal advice. Covid Court Rules often let us attend court with you by MS TEAMS. If you can afford travel costs, then we can also help with court matters that require us to be there in person.